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Armonia Espresso Machine

Price : ₹ 131,000.00

Armonia Espresso Machine

Armonia Espresso Machine was born with the aim of satisfying the demand of a market that is getting bigger and bigger. 

 This is a small but big machine that has immediately achieved a resounding success.

Technical description :


Boiler: 6 lt (2 gr)
Heating element: 2000W (2 gr)
110V-220V / 50-60 Hz
Incorporated rotatory morot pump
Steam and water launches
Antisuck-in valve
Automatic boiler's loading
Electronic control water level
Adjustable feet
Adjustable pressure switch
Safety micro for tank
Exhaust pipe coupling


2 groups (48kg weight)
630*440*520h mm



Model MS 100 HRC MS 100 HRC
Versione 2 Groups 3 Groups
Dimensions mm. 795x535x500h 1035x535x500h
Boiler capacity 11 lt. 17 lt.
Power 4500 watt 5400 watt
Voltage 220/240V single phase 380/415V threephase, 110V single phase (2.400W) 220/240V single phase 380/415V threephase
Weight 68 kg 83 kg