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Altea Espresso Coffee Machine

Altea Espresso Coffee Machine

Altea Espresso Coffee Machine is Fastest Moving machine with  E-61 group head technology  the boiler has a temperature of 200 plus degrees. If that temperature varies in the slightest from the boiler to the moment of extraction, you’ll end up with sour espresso. The E61 is engineered to maintain that temperature consistently right through extraction. Absolutely no fluctuation. In other words - its perfect." design  

Specifications :

  • Single phase(Also available in 3 phase)    
  • 15 lts of boiler with insulation saves 50% of electricity
  • 100% food grade material make    
  • 4500W heater never lets the pressure down
  • safety valve cut off heater when there is no water supply      
  • Auto water refill
  • Pump pressure gauge (pulls each espresso shot at perfect 9 bars)
  • Boiler water level indicator(shows perfect amount of water in Boiler)
  • Rotary pump    
  • Anti suction valve  
  • Auto programmable coffee dosage
  • Pre-infusion chamber for accurate espresso coffee   
  • E-61 group Heads for Best cup of Espresso
  • Heat proof wiring with Insulations
  • Gicar Mother Board, Touch pads and Flow meters for long lasting performance        
  • CE certificate.
  • Taxes as applicable at time of dilivary